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In case you haven’t heard of Bumbury’s creator, she makes some of the best dress QR codes I have seen for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Check out her website, she has matching hats for the dresses as well! I absoutely adore her stuff.

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Cute! Reminds me of Classic lolita fashion!

QRs in the [source]

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animal crossing best buy stuffs


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Face and eye guides for Animal Crossing New Leaf. I found these on Google and wanted to post them here to make life easier.


okay i’m gonna need this for tomorrow so thank you 

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The new Nintendo 3DS Photo Share service makes it easy to show off your unique Animal Crossing: New Leaf™ creations. Share to Twitter or Tumblr, or both at the same time. Snap photos of your home, your designs, fun events…you name it!
Sharing photos with your family and friends is easy and fun. Add comments and tags to your photos and post them to multiple sites at the same time.

I quite like the idea of this service, especially as it means you dont even have to quit the game, you can just upload and continue!
and yes the webpage is now in english, that screencap is just old.

Fingers crossed this get continued support in future games!! :D
(I’m looking at you Pokémon X&Y)

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Sanrio’s Hello Kitty and Twin Stars.

Wow! Face boards I would actually want in my town permanently (or at least long term…)

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#what are these faceboards??



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this is so perfect

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Public Works Projects 


You can have a maximum of 30 community projects in your town
Rich Town doesn’t effect the price of community projects
Demolish price is usually 10% of the building price and has to be paid at once
A project can be cancelled mid-build BUT any donations put toward the building will be lost
It takes one day to build or cancel anything
No public works can be built during an event day
♥ No public work will be celebrated during an event day
Some projects affect the Natural Wealth of the village, and others affect the Quality of Life of the village

Facilities (1 of each)

Dream Suite 234,000
Seven days have passed since amassing 100 mayor points
At least one Public Works Project has been completed
You’ve connected to the Internet at least once
Fortune Shop 340,000
Have Katrina tell 20 fortunes in your town
Museum second floor 198,000
Donate 20 items to the museum
At least one item donated to every category (bugs, fish, fossils, art)
Cafe 298,000
7 days passed since opening of the museum’s second floor
50 donations to museum
Campsite [Empty - Occupied] 59,800
Police Station [Modern - Classic] 264,000
Asked by a villager
Cooper in classic, Booker in modern
Surveillance Center [Closed - Open - Inside] 368,000
Quit without saving
Town Hall Appearance [Default - Fairytale - Japanese - Modern] 498,000
Perfect town to unlock
Train Station Appearance [Default - Fairytale - Japanese - Modern] 498,000
Others visited 100 times to unlock

Bridges (3)

Stone Bridge 128,000
Suspension Bridge 128,000
Brick Bridge 224,000
Asked from villagers
Fairytale Bridge 298,000
Asked from villagers
Modern Bridge 224,000
Asked from villagers
Japanese Bridge 298,000
Asked from villagers

Outdoor Lights (~)

Streetlight 39,800
Round Light 39,800
Retro Light 42,800
Fairytale Light 64,000
Modern Light 64,000
Japanese Style Light 64,000
Torch 29,800
Heart Illumination 136,000

Clocks (~)

Park Clock 42,000
Fairytale Clock Tower 78,000
Asked from villagers
Modern Clock Tower 78,000
Asked from villagers
Japanese Clock Tower 78,000
Asked from villagers
Illuminated Clock 146,000
Asked from villagers
Floral Clock 87,000
Must have perfect town

Benches (~)

Yellow Bench 30,000
Log 38,000
Asked from villagers
Wooden Bench 42,500
Asked from villagers
Plastic Bench 42,500
Asked from villagers
Metal Bench 42,500
Asked from villagers
Fairytale Bench 52,800
Asked from villagers
Modern Bench 52,800
Asked from villagers
Japanese Style Bench 52,800
Asked from villagers
Playground Tyre 49,800
Asked from villagers
Clay Pipe 79,800
Asked from villagers
Artistic Bench 265,000
Asked from villagers
Picnic Set 39,800
Asked from villagers

Arches (2)

Balloon Arch 86,000
Floral Arch 87,000
Illuminated Arch 148,000
Artistic Arch 265,000

Signboards (8 of each)

Face cut-out board 50,000
Custom design board 40,000

Traffic Signs

Do-not Enter Sign 43,500
Diamond Sign 43,500
Triangle Sign 43,500
Traffic light 82,000

Environment (2)

Fire Hydrant 32,600
Instrument Shelter 42,000
Trash Can53,000

Water Objects (2?)

Drinking Fountain 39,800
Hand Pump 42,000
Water Well 148,000
Geyser [In-active - Active] 98,000
Hot Spring 98,000


Bell Tower 86,000
Japanese Style Bell 86,000

Outdoor Equipment (2?)

Inahoshi (Dried Rice Decoration) 17,400
Scarecrow 22,400
Flowerbed [Empty - In-use] 26,400
Sandpit 36,000
Japanese Style Garden 148,000
Campfire 46,000
Garden Chair 23,400
Outdoor Bed 32,000
Hammock 32,000
Jungle Gym 69,800

Power Supplies (1/2)

Solar Panel 126,000 (2)
Wind Turbine 156,000 (1)
Oil Drill 298,000 (2)

Buildings (2?)

Fence 49,800 (1)
Fountain 99,800
Bus Shelter 136,000
Satellite 148,000
Stadium Light 236,000
Artistic Statue 265,000
Billboard 284,000 (2)

World Heritage (1/2?)

Japanese Shrine 39,800 (1)
Water Tree/Statue 88,000
Wisteria 124,000 (2)
Lighthouse 372,000 (1)
Windmill 372,000 (1)
Totem Pole 538,000
Moai Statue 538,000
Sphinx 698,000
Pyramid 698,000
Stone Hedge 698,000


Illuminated Tower 128,000
Tower 726,000 (1)


Round Topiary 93,000
Square Topiary 93,000
Tulip Topiary 93,000

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